Dear friend,

Perhaps you have known us for some time, or perhaps this is the first impression you have of us. Regardless, if you've come this far it is because you're interested in finding out what Medicaline is.

It may surprise you, but we’d like to describe ourselves to you by looking to the past.

We are sure that you will remember the exact day that you decided to become a dentist. That moment when you dedicated your life to studying to become a medic and dared to develop the talent shown by great artists.

The time you were a psychologist and turned frustrations, fears and insecurities into joy and good health. When you built complex structures just as the greatest engineers do, but with the fragility of a craftsman, who slaves over his creations with care and patience.

Or our favourite, that exact time when you became the best photographer, seeking out the perfect image on the lips of everyone who came to you.

We have decided to call this whole host of emotions Odontoemotion.

And that is Medicaline,